Unified Information Solutions

Unified information Solutions are the talents and capabilities required to deliver the complete solution to the customer on an information intensive system.  Unified systems are the hardware, software, and information that is used to support such areas as Asset Management, Physical Site Security, and Identification validation.  SSG can provide individualized solutions from single solutions to completely integrated enterprise solutions.  SSG engineers, designs, develops, and implements complete secure solutions.

Complex Data Environments

Many organizations believe that information complexity is something that they just have to live with.  Information complexity can take many forms including:

    Information Diversity - A lot of information from many different sources.

    Information Density - A great deal of information from a limited number of sources.

    Information Distribution - Many different sources providing information from many locations that could be the same or different.

    Information Integration - Information that is a result of an acquisition or other additional source.

    Information Dependency - Information which has a large number of dependencies or business rules which affect its usage.

    Information Duplication – Providing the same information from more than one source.

Complex information environments need additional tools and methodologies to make them efficient for use by the organization. Information should be assisting in either the creation of new customers for your products and services, the creation of new products and services, or in the reduction of costs to produce these products and services.

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